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Hakata Blessed Confectionery Apotropaic JOKANAN2 Harumachi Fukuoka Japan

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博多招福菓子じょかなん 除禍難 ハルマチ春待ち堂2

博多招福菓子じょかなん 除禍難 ハルマチ春待ち堂5


博多招福菓子じよかなん 除禍難 ハルマチ春待ち堂 福岡 博多 粕屋町 写真2


Hakata Blessed Confectionery Apotropaic JOKANAN

In the ago of Sengoku period. Sen No Rikyu,the legendary tea master touched Hideyoshi Toyotomi’s anger. And Sochin Kokei. the priest of Kyoto Daitokuji Temple was also swept away to Hakata,to put under custody of Chikuzen’s Takakage Kobayakawa.It was in February,the 19th year of Tenshou,1591.

Kokei lived in a thatched hut and spend many years in Zen and tea with the people of Hakata . Toyotomi died in August of the 3rd year of Keicho,1598. Kokei was forgiven and returnd to Kyoto to serve as a funeral guru.

To be continued…..