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What is the recipe?VOL.1 FOOD IS MEDICINE by Kana Yoshiyumi JAPAN

kana yoshizumi fukuoka JAPAN

What is the recipe? VOL.1
by Kana Yoshiyumi JAPAN 吉積 佳奈
egg 1 one
water 3 tablespoons
soy sauce 2 teaspoons
green onion a little
How to make
1. Break the egg into a heat resistant
bowl.(Microwave oven OK things.)
2. Put in water 1.
3. Make two holes in the yolk with
a poited stick.
4. Heat for 40 secods with a 500w
Microwave. (※ Don’t wrap.)
5. Remove moisture and pour
soy sauce into the tableware.
This can also be used for topping
instant noodles and curry rice.
Soft-boile eggs are untrtious.
I was introduced Japanese this
egg dishes easy to make.
I want you to try!then, What is the recipe?